Here is a "behind the scenes" look at what we've been up to at Anaheim Eye Care!

Anaheim Eye Care Services

Dr. Christopher Vargas is licensed to the full stature of optometry. Should you experience an eye infection, eye injury or disease, Anaheim Eye Care offers professional eye care at all levels that you can trust.

Comprehensive eye exam:
A complete check of all visual systems including eyeglass prescription, pressure check, and assessment of eye health.

Contact Lens Fitting and Follow Up:
The placement of contact lenses to correctly match your eyes curvature, with the proper prescription to provide clear and comfortable vision. A 1-week follow-up visit to finalize the contact lens prescription.

Dilated Fundus Exam:
A highly important test in which the pupil is opened chemically in order for the doctor to view more area of the retina and better asses any eye diseases.


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